Ms. Fu Jingqiu

Executive Director and chief executive officer

Ms. Fu Jingqiu (富晶秋), aged 63, was appointed as our Director on July 30, 2012 and was re-designated as our chief executive officer and executive Director on September 25, 2015. Ms. Fu is the co-founder of our Group and she is primarily responsible for the overall business management, strategic development and the sales and marketing of our Group. She has also assumed various directorships in our Group, including serving as the director of MGCR since August 2007, the director of MGRL since September 2007, the director of RCBL since November 2007, the director of GCHL since May 2010, the director of GCCL since June 2010 and the director of PREF and PINN since March 2015. Before the founding of our Group, Ms. Fu was the vice president of the GCPC, our predecessor company, from February 1993 to July 2010, primarily responsible for the business of our Group operated by GCPC before demerging from the GBI Group. Ms. Fu has more than 30 years’ experience in retailing children products. Her extensive experience and disciplinary management style has enabled her to turn around our Group very quickly since its founding and kept stable and rapid growth of sales and profit our Group after its founding.