Mr. Li Jinrun

Chief operating officer of our Group

Mr. Li Jinrun(李金潤),aged 36,has been the chief operating officer of our Group since May2015. He is primarily responsible for managing several divisions of our Group including the supplychain,strategic planning,subsidiaries and branch companies management and major customersdivisions. He joined our Group as a logistic director of GCCL on May 2011,where he was primarilyresponsible for logistic and warehouse management of GCCL until April 2015. Prior to joining ourGroup,Mr. Li served in various positions in Metersbonwe(美特斯•邦威),a branded apparel wholesaleand retail company,where he was primarily responsible for its overall logistic and distributionmanagement,including serving as the general manager of the B2C logistic management division fromMarch 2010 to May 2011,the manager of the logistic and operations division from January 2008 to March 2010,the general manager of the Shenyang branch sales company of Metersbonwe,fromSeptember 2005 to December 2007,the manager of the Northeastern distribution center from July2004 to December 2007,and a supervisor of the distribution center from December 1999 to June 2004.Mr. Li was qualified as a logistician recognized by Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the PRCin July 2005. In June 2005,Mr. Li received his bachelor’s degree in business management from TheChinese People’s Liberation Army Culture Master University(中國人民解放軍軍需大學)in the PRC.