Mr. Hu Yajun

Vice president of our Group

Mr. Hu Yajun (胡雅軍), aged 39, was appointed as vice president of our Group on August 15, 2013, fully responsible for the implementation and delivery of the O2O new economic strategy of the Group, including the national grid layout of O2O, the establishment of the value chain, the exploration of pilot cities and national expansion, the strategy development and management of Goodbaby e-Family, etc. Mr. Hu joined our Group in February 1998 and has been responsible for different business areas or functions of the Group since then. Mr. Hu has been the vice president of GCCL and the general manager of the Goodbaby apparel division of GCCL since September 2013, and was the chief operating officer of our Group from August 2012 to August 2013. Prior to August 2012, Mr. Hu was responsible for the DRP system construction, operation management, retailing management and personal care products of our Group in different stages. Mr. Hu has been one of the key persons during the development of our Group. Mr. Hu attended the postgraduate MBA programme jointly operated by East China University of Science and Technology (華東理工大學) and University of Management and Technology from March 2002 to October 2003 and graduated from the programme.