Goodbaby China

We are committed to providing high-quality and safe international brand and product portfolios to consumers with different purchasing power

We develop own brands and selectively establish strategic partnerships with many international brands

to provide users with the choice of a wide range of world-class quality brands.

Goodbaby Brands
  • One of China's leading MBC product brands

  • Founded in Germany providing innovative children's products. A technology brand trusted by global parents.

  • HappyDino is a well-known juvenile brand in China. Its products are great value for money.

  • An award-winning sub-brand of "cybex", providing value for money but safe necessaries and strollers.

  • Children’s apparel and homeware brand within Goodbaby Brands.

mothercare brands
  • UK's most well-known MBC product and retail brand, opened more than 1,400 retail stores 60 countries.

  • mothercare's early learning toys brand

mothercare stores also offer more than 50 European and American high-end children's product brands.
Sports and leisure brands