Goodbaby China

Provide omni-channel specialty retail services to target users in all parts of China

Customer oriented mobile application

Mamahao provides you with an online-to-offline seamlessly intergrated consumer experience.

We use the most advanced information technology platform to integrate online and offline resources, providing you with an online-to-offline seamlessly intergrated consumer experience.

  • Easy to use
    You can quickly and efficiently search and browse products by brand, category and features, and filter by sales volume and price.
  • Find a store near you
    When you open Mamahao APP, you will be presented with information about nearby stores. If you use Mamahao APP to place an order, you can choose to go to a nearby store to collect your order, or use our 3 Hour or 24 Hour express delivery service.
  • Personalised product recommendation
    We offer personalised products based on your browsing and buying history and the information you submitted to us including age and gender. You can freely browse these personalised product recommendations and purchase anytime, anywhere.
  • Customer service and loyalty scheme
    You can exchange loyalty points both online and offline for gifts and mother, baby and childcare related services and materials.
  • We are now developing more advanced features for Mamahao, such as providing customer review, online consultation, interactive online community and Mobile Micro Stores. More excitements coming soon!
We are also China's largest online specialty retailer for MBC products*

Through 164 online self-operated authorised retail channels, we provide users with online shopping services that cover major platforms.

Our official online retail stores

Official Stores

Official flagship stores

Large B2C online retailers

Our authorised third-party online retailers retailers

To further expand the scope and depth of our services, we also authorise high-quality online retailers to sell our products.
We are also China's largest offline specialty retailer for MBC products retailers*

We operate 2,543 self-operated and authorised stores throughout China providing convenient experience to our users.

Our offline network

You can find the MBC products under Goodbaby, mothercare and other world-class international brands as well as a range of products from leading international sports and leisure brands in the following sales channels .

You can find in the following networks

Children's products under Goodbaby Brands and sports and leisure brands

Sports brand specialty stores

Specialty stores selling products under international sports and leisure brands

Maternity and childcare specialty stores

You can find children's footwear products under international sports and leisure brands and Goodbaby Brands

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Supermarkets and hypermarkets

You can find products under Goodbaby Brands